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Issue: 01/2000 - S. Schultze-Mosgau - F. Kloss - J. Wiltfang - P. Kessler - U. Hirschfelder - F.W. Neukam
Autogenous transplantation of impacted cuspids following treatment for sarcoma of the upper jaw as an alternative to single tooth implants.

Systemic chemotherapy and irradiation for infantile sarcoma of the upper jaw may result in arrested root development and impaction of teeth. If orthodontic alignment after surgical exposure of such teeth fails, autogenous tooth transplantation represents a therapeutic alternative to single tooth implants. This paper intends to demonstrate the usefulness of this treatment method in patients with a history of irradiation and chemotherapy,for infantile sarcoma as compared to patients without tumor disease. Five autogenous transplantations of impacted cuspids were performed. Two of these teeth were palatally, one labially displaced. One tooth with incomplete root development had to be removed after 8 weeks due to resorption and loosening. The four remaining teeth could befunctionally loaded after 6months showing bony integration. All teeth exhibited periodontal regeneration. Furthermore, one tooth that had previously been treated with irradiation and chemotherapy showed regeneration of sensory pulp ,function. Carefulpatientselectionprovided, autogenoustooth transplantation was, found to be a useful treatment alternative to single tooth implants inpatients with arrested tooth root growth after irradiation and chemotherapy.

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